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2011 Winey Luncheon Chefs

Evan and Jen Doughty
Feast, Florence OR

Evan and Jen DoughtyChefs Evan and Jen Doughty met when they were students at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. They came to the CIA with several years experience in the culinary industry from jobs including buser, server, dishwasher, preparation and line cook. Both Evan and Jen began to develop a passion for cooking and chose to attend this country's finest culinary school to hone their skills.

Since their graduation — Jen in December 2003 and Evan in April 2004 — they have been together, cooking in restaurants in Santa Barbara, the Napa Valley and in the Sierras before moving to Florence, Oregon, in 2007. They have been steadily building a reputation for creating delicious, seasonal dishes using local ingredients.

In the summer of 2010, Evan and Jen, along with partner Matt Kennedy, were given the opportunity to purchase the restaurant, Craves, where they worked. Renamed Feast, and now employee-owned, they have worked to form close relationships with local purveyors and to follow their philosophy of fine dishes made from the freshest local ingredients at a moderate price, to make quality food comfortable for all.

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