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SLOW: The Taste of Authenticity
Friday Evening, January 28

Old World Italy joins New World Oregon in a Celebration of the Season of Truffles

Douglas Gayeton, Author of SLOW: The Taste of Authenticity
Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town
Author, Douglas Gayeton
Food from SLOW: The Taste of Authenticity
Photo from Douglas Gayeton's Book
Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town
Food from SLOW: The Taste of Authenticity
Alessandro Mondello

For a decade, filmmaker, photographer and writer Douglas Gayeton lived and worked in the quiet Tuscan village of Pistoia. Very quickly he came to enjoy and appreciate the rhythms of daily life that created space in every day for the pleasures of food and family at the table. Originally asked to develop a documentary about the slow food movement for PBS, Gayeton eventually created a new kind of food book called Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town, that captures the essence of what we now call Slow Food, food perfectly attuned to the land, the people, and the culture that produce it.

Inspired by pre-Renaissance narrative paintings, Gayeton's photographs depict the arc of time, an emerging and evolving story comprising not one, but the many fertile moments of of traditional Italian life surrounding the daily pleasures of growing, harvesting, preparing, and savoring the foods of the season. In many ways Slow invents a new language of visual expression; a single image, often woven from many, becomes a story, a snapshot of culture that moves us into that story as though we are living it. The ideas and the images expressed here are universal, and meaningful to anyone interested in the essence of local, seasonal eating, and in knowing where their food comes from.

Also joining us for our immersion into the Italian culture of slow food and truffles are Alessandro Mondello and Danilo Bernardino of Mondo Tartufo, Italy's best known and most active truffle association. Mr. Mondello, agronomist, sommelier, and international wine judge, will take us on a sensory journey with his truffle sensorial analysis, designed to help recognize and differentiate the complex flavor notes of truffles as they ripen.

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."  - James Beard

Guest Chef Stephanie Pearl Kimmel
, who we think of with great pride as Oregon's Alice Waters, will present our evening slow food supper with a decidedly Italian flair.

While all of our special guests will be with us for the entire festival, we are proud to present them as our opening act on Friday, with an evening of conviviality around the table called SLOW: The Taste of Authenticity. Open only to our weekend guests, we offer an unforgettable experience as we celebrate both the season of truffles, and a way of life that connects the food we eat with the communities we live in.

Stephanie Pearl-Kimmel, Founding Chef & Owner
Marché, Eugene, OR

In 1972, Stephanie opened the Excelsior Café in Eugene, spearheading a Northwest culinary movement with her use of seasonal menus that celebrated the bounty of the region. The restaurant was also the first in Oregon to feature the wines of the young Oregon wine industry. After selling the Excelsior Café in the spring of 1993, Stephanie took a trip to France to explore the regional markets and vineyards, an experience that further sharpened her commitment to seasonal cooking. That trip resulted in Marché, a restaurant and bar serving market-driven regional cooking. Marché has flourished and emerged as one of Oregon's culinary destinations. Throughout her career, Stephanie has been recognized as a pioneer in the movement to support and celebrate regional, seasonal cuisine.