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In Search of the Best American Truffles
Wall Street Journal - April 2014
Long considered inferior to European varieties, American truffles are making a comeback with a festival in Oregon and a few highly skilled dogs leading the way.
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A taste of the divine wild truffle
The Wenatchee World - February 2014
My friends and I just returned from the blissfully delicious Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene, Ore. These are not the chocolate truffles many of you are hoping your lover remembers to bring home on Valentine’s Day — no, these are the Oregon black and white truffles that grow underground in fungal symbiosis with the roots of young Douglas fir trees.
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Oregon Truffle Festival #9
Fat of the Land - February 2014
I've already blocked out the dates on my 2015 calendar. The last weekend in January is truffle time, which means the first few weeks of the new year are a time of belt-tightening. I'm talking about the annual Oregon Truffle Festival, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. I hear there are big plans afoot for 2015, so in order to be ready, I might need to join my parents on January 1 when they "put on the hair shirt."
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How to Make Men More Lovable
The Economist - January 2014
Their scent is “musky, fiery, savoury, mysterious—a hot drowsy smell, that lulls the senses, and yet enflames them,” wrote William Makepeace Thackeray. Alexandre Dumas thought that truffles “make women more tender and men more lovable”. That is an exaggeration, but visitors to the Oregon Truffle Festival, which starts on January 24th, are happy to pay lavishly for the experience. Tickets for packages such as “The Epicurious Gourmand” ($695 per person, including truffle-tasting and truffle-hunting with dogs) sold out in November, far ahead of previous years.
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Grant's Getaways - Oregon Truffle Hunt - January 2014
The best adventures are the ones that entice and intrigue you down the trail – the ones that promise yet unseen rewards, perhaps a treasure for your efforts. It’s a different sort of field hunting that relies on a keen canine sense of smell – come along as we join man’s best friend and go digging in the duff for valuable “Oregon Truffles”
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A Toast to Truffles
Eugene Register-Guard - January 2014
On a recent foggy morning I was on the trail of a story about an ugly little fungi that sells for the same price as many illicit drugs. I’d been given directions to a nondescript house on a country road near Elmira, and when I found the right driveway, I pulled around back and found a spot by the garage. The blinds were drawn, and as I knocked on the back door I felt a bit like I was in the culinary version of a “Breaking Bad” episode.
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Eugene festival lures truffle lovers
Eugene Register-Guard - January 2014
Planning to attend the Oregon Truffle Festival at the end of the month? Forget it. “The Epicurious Experience” package ($625 per person) is sold out. So is the “Epicurious Gourmand” ($695), the “Gourmand at the Villa” ($750) and even the “Epicurious Grower” ($1,050). And the waiting list is hundreds of names long. Founders Charles Lefevre and Leslie Scott started the Eugene festival in 2006 to celebrate, promote and educate people about wild Oregon truffles.
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21 Food & Drink Events for January and Beyond - January 2014
The Oregon Truffle Festival is so well-liked and jam-packed with interesting events that many of the weekend experiences have already sold out. That said, there's still truffle dog training and an Oregon truffle marketplace that includes "truffle tastings, artisan foods, fresh truffles, a truffle dog demonstration, and lecture series."
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5 Trips for Truffle Lovers
Fodor's - October 2013
'Tis the season for truffled travels. With summer vacations firmly in the rearview mirror, hungry travelers can now hit the road to hunt, dig, and taste the world's finest fungi from October through January. From lavish epicurean outings in Provence, to tasting menus in the heart of American timber country, here are the world's best trips for truffle lovers.
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8 U.S. Cities Making Their Own Foreign Delicacies - October 2013
Once upon a time in America, traveling food lovers had to smuggle foreign pleasures home - stuffing some jamon Iberico from Spain in the suitcase, for example, or stashing a little French raw milk cheese in a pocket - while risking serious fines in the process. There is still a long list of restrictions on the importing of foreign foods, but today, there’s actually less need to acquire them abroad.  
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Bringing international attention to the Northwest
Seattle - October 2013
If you’re not part of the truffle world, you may not have heard of this festival. If you love truffles, it’s time to make this an annual pilgrimage. The beauty is that you can do as little or as much as you like, picking and choosing events to attend. Just be aware that certain experiences sell out quickly each year, so you need to make your plan and reserve space early.
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Truffle Dog Training and More
Los Angeles Times - September 2013
If truffles figure in your dreams, tickets just went on sale for the ninth Oregon Truffle Festival. Truffles? Oregon? Well, yes, our northern cousin is actually producing some quite respectable examples. And if you buy your tickets sometime this month, you can take advantage of early-bird pricing. 
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Truffle in Paradise
Eat Magazine - September/October 2013
In my fridge, there's a large Mason jar filled with a handful of fresh, white, Oregon truffles, five in-their-shell eggs and a half-pound of butter. The truffles are the booty from a morning spent foraging in the oregon woods.
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Truffle Hunting Has Gone to the Dogs
modern farmer - August 2013
It’s hard to find a crop more valuable than truffles — prices can go as high as $2,000 per pound for ultra-rare white Alba truffles. The problem is that they grow underground, attached to the roots of trees. To find them, truffle hunters traditionally used pigs, whose natural instinct for rooting behavior helped hunters locate the fancy fungi.
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Idaho truffle industry begins to show promise
Capital - September 2013
Fifty truffles were discovered in Idaho orchards this year and the state's fledgling industry is showing signs of promise. Truffles fetch up to $1,000 a pound and the handful of Idaho farmers who have planted truffle-inoculated trees have high hopes for them.
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Roll Over Truffle Hog, Your Job is Going to the Dogs
Bloomberg Businessweek - September 2013
Workers everywhere these days worry that they’re replaceable: Expedia (EXPE) has thinned the ranks of the travel agents, Turbotax (INTU) has culled the accountants, computers can perform document searches once left for young corporate lawyers, and Tesla (TSLA) builds cars with a workforce of robots. Who knows what legions IBM’s (IBM) Watson will put out of work?
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Rich Pickings in Oregon's Fertile Wine Valleys - August 2013
It began in the 1970s when phone calls kept coming in from France. Property offers from people Robin Peiffer didn't know. By the third, curiosity got the better of him, "you're the third person to call from France, why do you want to buy my land?" The answer of course, was wine.
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U Magazine - August 2013
Just published in Hong Kong's U Magazine from the 2013 festival truffle hunt!
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Truffle trailblazers
Register - May 2013
Vineyard owners think beyond wine in planting trees primed for producing cultivated European varieties. Maneuvering up the long driveway into Pfeiffer Winery in Junction City on a recent spring morning, there is a moment of indecision as to which direction to take at a fork in the gravel road. Bear right to continue on up to the tasting room, and acres of pinot noir vines stretch beyond — just what you would expect at a vineyard.
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Mon Dieu! U.S. Truffles
Barron' - May 2013
Time was you had to travel to Europe to go on a proper truffle hunt. Not anymore. In February, a Perigord truffle – a black variety native to France and known to fetch about $1,500 a pound—was harvested for the first time in Oregon's Willamette Valley. It was the size of a walnut.
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B.C.'s first Périgord truffle no trifle - April 2013
Abbotsford farmer Bill Stewart has produced B.C.'s first Périgord truffle, a culinary delicacy that fetches up to $2,200 a kilo wholesale. The near-golf-ball sized fungus was unearthed by a truffle-sniffing dog in a seven-acre stand of specially inoculated hazelnut trees that Stewart planted nine years ago. Two more truffles have been unearthed since.
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To Covet: A Périgord Treasure Now Grown in Oregon - March 2013
The fragrant, elusive, mysterious and costly truffle, whether white, black or in between, has been the object of scientific research for decades. The challenge has been to cultivate it to increase the supply.
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Northwest Cook: "First cultivated black truffle" found in Willamette Valley - March 2013
They said it couldn't be done, but apparently they were wrong. What's being called the Willamette Valley's "first cultivated black truffle" has just been found near Corvallis in an orchard of inoculated hazelnut trees supplied by New World Trufflieres, Inc. The truffle is a Perigord variety or Tuber melanosporum, the same variety that is cultivated in Southern Europe and fetches $1,500 a pound.
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Oregon's Climate is Perfect for Truffles, and Growers Hope to Cash In - February 2013
There are more than grapes growing at Left Coast Cellars in Oregon’s wine country. Vineyard manager Luke McCollom estimates he’s invested more than $25,000 on an underground crop with the potential to rival the one above ground. Truffles — the fruity-scented fungi, not the chocolate balls — suddenly seem to be big business.
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White Truffle-Pistachio Caramel Corn - February 2013
SAVEUR test kitchen director Kellie Evans developed this decadent recipe—a no-holds-barred combination of earthy white truffles, salty pistachios, and rich caramel—after a trip to the Oregon Truffle Festival, where she was inspired by chef Dustin Clark of Wildwood Restaurant and Bar in Portland.
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Local Dogs Earn Their Keep Sniffing Out Truffle
NW News Network - February 2013
When a dog finds its first truffle -- the fungus, not the chocolate candy -- the sound you hear will most likely be the voice of a very excited dog handler.
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15 Food & Drink Events for January and Beyond - January 2013
This is not a bad idea at all: a weekend devoted to truffles, including tastings at a picturesque villa, training sessions so that your dog can learn how to hunt for truffles, and a grand dinner.
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Oregon's Truffle Treasure - December 2012
As a general rule, I try to stay away from lumpy brown objects fetched from the jaws of strange dogs. But when you’re in the heart of Oregon mushroom country, every mud-caked ball of earth could be a truffle treasure.
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Unearthing the Truffle
Portland Monthly, December 2012
AS JANUARY comes to a close, a damp, potent perfume settles over Eugene. No, it’s not winter rains or reefer madness—it’s the annual Oregon Truffle Festival. On January 25, enterprising farmers and worldly gastronomes will flock to Eugene for a weekend of tasting, learning, and foraging in North America’s freshest stash of truffles.
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Holiday Gift For A Foodie – The Culinarian At the Oregon Truffle Festival
Where and What in the - November, 2012
Are you looking for a special Holiday Gift for a foodie. Here is an experience not to be missed. If you take advantage of it, I’ll see you there, as I will be covering the entire Oregon Truffle Festival. A ticket for this event would be a hit. The Oregon Truffle Festival is from January 25-27, 2013.~MDH
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Oregon truffles take center stage at 8th Annual Oregon Truffle Festival - October 30, 2012
Truffles, one of the world’s most decadent foods, are worth rejoicing over. The original organizers thought so too and the Oregon Truffle Festival was born. The 8th annual celebration of these rare and expensive fungi is scheduled for January 25-27, 2013.
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Truffle pioneers hope the fungi business someday rivals that of Oregon wine
Register Guard - October 14, 2012
The same could be said of the latest crop of Oregon agricultural dreamers, including Simon and Linnet Cartwright of Cottage Grove. For the past five years, the Cartwrights have spent more than $40,000 and countless hours on the four acres behind their house growing trees inoculated with European varieties of truffles — the aromatic and flavorful fungi prized by chefs around the world.
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Attention: Oregon Truffle Festival tickets on sale
Los Angeles Times - September 2012
For those who plan seriously ahead, registration for the 8th annual Oregon Truffle Festival opens Sept. 1 with early bird pricing for both a la carte and weekend events. When do you get to do some truffle sniffing? Not till early next year, from Jan. 25 to 27. And where do you do it? In Eugene, Oregon. This year's theme is the wild table, and leading the charge will be mushroom forager Constance Green, author of the cookbook "The Wild Table."
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Oregon ag gets a boost from specialty crop block grants - October 3, 2012
Oregon agriculture continues to benefit from federal funding aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the state’s fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, nursery crops, and other specialty crops. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has announced this year’s recipients of more than $1.49 million as part of the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. In all, 22 projects are being funded, reaching a broad geographic swath of Oregon and a variety of specialty crops.

The 2012 projects address key components of Oregon agriculture. In the area of innovation, Cascade Pacific Resource Conservation and Development, located in the southern Willamette Valley, has been awarded $60,000 to develop a truffle production industry in Oregon, which carries a reputation as a “North American Capital” of the highly prized mushroom and is just one of three places in the world with its own native truffles.

Idaho farmers try their hand at truffles
Capital Press - September 2012
In the foothills north of Eagle, Idaho, a handful of farmers are trying to grow what they call "Idaho's other tuber." Against conventional wisdom that it was too cold in Idaho for the fungus to grow, Paul Beckman planted 10 acres of truffle-inoculated trees near Boise five years ago.
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Eighth Annual Oregon Truffle Festival
Food and Beverage Magazine - September 2012
Food lovers are invited to celebrate the glory of a Pacific Northwest delicacy and immerse themselves in authentic Northwest cuisine and culture at the eighth annual Oregon Truffle Festival, Jan. 25 through Jan. 27, 2013, in Eugene. Festival officials announced today that registration for the highly lauded event is now open.
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Truffle Hunting
AKC Gazette - September 2012
My name is Kris Jacobson. I was first introduced to the Belgian Malinois breed in 2001 while I was a police officer. When I was assigned to the K-9 division in my agency, I was fortunate to be paired with a Malinois named Fryda, and I immediately fell in love with her. Fryda taught me how wonderful and special this breed can be. My time with her opened a whole new world for me, and I’ve been involved with these amazing dogs ever since.
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In Oregon, Truffles Are No Match for Wet Noses
The New York Times - August 2012
The forest air was cool and the light translucently green, sifted through the Douglas-fir canopy above and refracted by plumes of sword ferns that sprang from the forest floor.
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Truffle Mania
Oregon Business - April 2012
They look unappetizing. Truffles, the underground cousins to mushrooms, are knobby and lumpish, looking like a cross between a small potato and a battered old golf ball.
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New Ways To Find – And Grow – Truffles
Indiana Public Media -  February 18, 2012
Hunting for truffles can be a lucrative business as they commonly sell for $1000 per pound, but finding them is a trick — their growth is considered a rare natural phenomenon found primarily in France and Italy, and you generally need to employ the skills of a pig to find them.
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Truffle Nirvana
Fat of the Land Blog - February 2, 2012
The woods were alive with the sounds of trufflers. Dozens of humans and canines barked and yipped and hollered their triumphs and failures through a gloomy grove of 25-year-old Douglas-firs. They ran to and fro, scratching in the dirt with paws and garden cultivators.
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The Magnificent Oregon Truffle Festival - February 3, 2012
Ahhh, truffles. King of all fungi. One of the most expensive foods in the world. Redolent of forest, musk, compost and aged cheese, they are uniquely funky and unlikely to win any beauty contest based on appearance alone. But…the brain floods with dopamine as soon as you catch the unmistakable whiff of a ripe truffle nugget. Pupils dilate and thoughts turn impure. Salivary glands kick in as your mouth awaits connection with that distinct scent. Truffles are transformative, bordering on magical.
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Ignite passion with truffles and wine
The Daily - February 9, 2012
Love comes in many flavors. The drugstore greeting card “sweets for the sweet,” with a sugary heart stamped “I luv u,” pairs perfectly with White Zin. But if your love is lusty, earthy and exotic, skip the candy and blend truffles into your lover's feast. There's nothing prefab about a truffle.
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Truffles: No Mere Trifle Foraging for the famed fungi in Oregon and beyond
Oregon Wine Press - February 2012
When recently invited to my first truffle hunt, dog and all, I must admit I was pretty excited … I had foraged for chanterelles, matsutakes and morels in the Southwestern Oregon woods with only mixed success.
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Truffle Festival Brings Unique Flavor to Eugene
Eugene Daily News - February 13, 2012
Although we were down to the last hours, an eclectic mix of gourmands, chefs, mycologists and truffle-savvy shoppers still crowded the tables at the Oregon Truffle Festival’s Marketplace. Eight wineries and more than 30 vendors are offering samples of everything from cheese to chocolate, tea, coffee, wine and baked goods, but the truffle is the true focus of this event, now in its seventh year.
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I Went for the Truffles, but Stayed for the Wine
Wine Julia - January 31, 2012
My first visit to the Oregon Truffle Festival not only introduced me to the shockingly pungent, yet delicious fungi, commonly know as Truffles, but I was also introduced to a couple new Oregon wineries: Big Table Farm and ColemanVineyard.
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2012 Press Releases

The New Idaho Tuber : First White Truffle Produced in Idaho
February 12, 2012

EUGENE, Ore. -On February 12, 2012, the first North American cultivated Bianchetto truffle (aka tuber borchii, Italian spring white truffle or Tuscany white truffle) was harvested in a truffle orchard near Boise, Idaho.
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The Burgeoning Oregon Truffles Industry
Cultural - January 24, 2012
At Cultural Oregon we love all things local. But, we have stumbled onto a purely Oregonian product that combines love of local organic food, love of the outdoors and our love for animals. Can you guess what it is? Truffles!
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In pursuit of Northwest Truffles
NW Palate Magazine - January 24, 2012
No longer just an underground treasure, native Northwest truffles—especially in Oregon—are emerging as a gourmet alternative to more expensive Italian fungi.
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Oregon Truffle Festival Marketplace Features Oregon Truffles, Wines and Artisan Foods
Food and - January 19, 2012
The seventh annual Oregon Truffle Festival Marketplace returns on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hilton Eugene & Conference Center in Eugene. The Marketplace features a stunning array of Oregon wines, artisan foods and wild-crafted products and services related to the burgeoning truffle industry. This culinary tasting marketplace caps off the one-of-a-kind, three-day Oregon Truffle Festival (OTF). All Weekend Experiences and the Grand Truffle Dinner are sold out.
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The Truffle Hunter - Zoe the black Labrador forages the forest floor for gourmet treats
Portland Tribune - Dec 15, 2011
Zoe’s senses are in hyperdrive. There’s a dog barking in the distance, the scent of squirrels, elk and other critters along the trail, and a panoply of wild mushrooms poking out of the dense undergrowth of Douglas fir trees.
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A talk with Tobiah about the treasures under Oregon’s trees
My - December 7, 2011
Tobiah Orin Moshier, self-sustaining 21st century hunter-gatherer, is at one with the woods. Until he smacks the back of his neck: “Damn bugs. Glad it wasn’t a spider. I hate spiders.” Even so, Tobiah, a man of many passions, is only too happy to amble about the arbores, claw through groundcover, and dig in the dirt in search of his greatest love (not counting his wife and kids, of course)—the Oregon truffle.
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The Most Pungent Prize: Hunting the Truffle
Smithsonian Magazine - December 6, 2011
Some underground objects in Croatia will detonate at the slightest touch: landmines. Other underground objects just smell. When journalist Lucy Burningham went to Croatia in 2007, she went looking for truffles. The Portland-based beer, food and travel writer was doing research for a book she’s writing about truffles of the world.
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Unprecedented Truffle Success Heralds Oregon Truffle Festival
Travel News - November 18, 2011
Oregon’s Truffle Festival is approaching. Between January 27 and 29, 2012, truffle enthusiasts, chefs and foragers will gather to celebrate this smelly delicacy priced at nearly $1,000 per pound. Next year’s Festival comes after Australian mycologist (fungus biologist) Dr. Nick Malajczuk’s extraordinary success in growing truffles on a large scale outside of France. Between June and August this year, a fungus-inoculated 80-acre hazelnut and oak tree orchard produced 3.3 metric tons of Perigord truffles, proving that large-scale commercial production is possible outside France’s borders.
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Oregon Truffle Festival Speakers Present A Major Breakthrough: The First Large-scale Commercial Cultivation Of Truffles Outside Of France
Star - November 18, 2011
Between June and August of this year, renowned Australian mycologist Dr. Nick Malajczuk of Australia proved the concept that truffles can be grown on a large scale outside of France, with 3.3 metric tons of Perigord truffles produced in an 80-acre orchard of hazelnut and oak trees inoculated with the rare fungus. Truffles are one of the world's most expensive foods with U.S. wholesale prices approaching $1,000 per pound, and the cultivation of this delicacy represents a major breakthrough in agriculture. Malajczuk will present these results for the first time to a North American audience in his keynote presentation at the seventh annual Oregon Truffle Festival, to be held Jan. 27-29, 2012.
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Oregon Truffle Festival
Road Trips for - November 11, 2011
As all Road Trips Foodies know, there are two kinds of truffles: chocolate and the fruiting body of an underground mushroom. The seventh annual Oregon Truffle Festival is concerned with the latter.
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Acclaimed chefs to prepare the Grand Truffle Dinner at Oregon Truffle Festival
Downtown Eugene - October 28, 2011
The Oregon Truffle Festival announces that four of the finest nationally and internationally recognized chefs will join host chef Stephanie Pearl Kimmel of Marché Restaurant to prepare the five-course meal served at the annual Grand Truffle Dinner, Saturday, Jan. 28, at the Eugene Hilton & Conference Center, located at 66 E. Sixth Ave., Eugene.
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Wagon's ho! We're hitting the Oregon Trail and heading out west to hunt, learn about and eat truffles
Michigan - September 2, 2011
Ready for a road trip. OK, I know it's Labor Day Weekend and most of the world or at least the US is on a road View full size trip. But trust me, when this one comes along, you will be ready for a road trip.
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Oregon Truffle Festival Named One of Top 10 Food Festivals in the Country by!
A truffle adds a little elegance to any meal, and the Oregon Truffle Festival certainly puts a fancy spin on your average food festival.
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Grand Moments at the Oregon Truffle Festival
Travel - April 11, 2011
A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to feast on Oregon truffles at the Oregon Truffle Festival in the Willamette Valley: the damp, ferny, mossy region in Oregon famous for sweet, rosy pinot noir and mysterious truffles!
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Jackson Family Wines turns to growing truffles - May 1, 2011
Perigord truffles: They're called black gold because they're one of the most expensive and luxurious ingredients in the world.
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Travel Ideas for the American West Coast
The American West Coast runs along the Pacific Ocean and includes Washington, Oregon and California. The rugged coast in the Pacific Northwest gives way to sunny beaches and palm trees further south. The diverse terrain affords a correspondingly diverse array of activities. From road trips and outdoor excursions to civilization at its finest, travelers won't want for adventure along the American West Coast.
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Hunter digs up a monster mushroom, an Oregon black truffle, and onto the menu it goes at Higgins - March 25, 2011

It looks like coal, smells like dirt and tastes like heaven. And for Higgins Restaurant, which bought what may be the biggest black truffle ever found in Oregon, it was a bargain at $80.
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On the hunt for Oregon truffles
The Orange County Register - February 16, 2011
Think truffles are limited to European soil? Guess again, my fungi-loving friends. I recently attended the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene and saw first-hand that the Pacific Northwest is teeming with the fragrant treasures.
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Celebrating Oregon's Bounty
Bend - February 13. 2011
From truffles to crawfish, apples to garlic, food festivals abound. Imagine an entire festival built around the lowly truffle. For the past seven years, on the last weekend of January in the heart of harvest season, the Oregon Truffle Festival has sung the praises of this improbable epicurean delight.
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Grand Truffle Dinner Menu Announced for 2011 Oregon Truffle Festival
Robb Report - January 19, 2011
Celebrating what eminent 18th century French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin is said to have described as “the diamond of the kitchen,” the meal will consist of four courses and dessert, and will include the efforts of five different chefs—hailing from fine restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest—each applying their culinary talents to interfuse traditional Italian dishes with the famously earthy flavor and aroma of truffles.
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A Chance to Enjoy some Delicious Truffles! - January 20, 2011
When most people think of gourmet truffles, a cinematic image of the misty hills of Italy or France most likely comes to mind. Pigs, too, will probably appear in this mental scene, the humble breadwinners of the world’s most expensive fungus. Click to view article -->>

Truffle Madness
Jefferson Public Radio
Oregon’s improving reputation as a culinary cornucopia is being helped by an elusive delicacy that grows on public land and is yours for the picking, if you know how. Click to view article -->>

Foraging for Fungi
Cheese Connoisseur Magazine
Imagine walking through a forest and stumbling upon a picnic basket filled with pricey matsutake mushrooms and black truffles. Now imagine it’s okay to take a handful of these gourmet treats home for free. Click to view article -->>

Pheromone-Rich Pricey Truffles Take Root in U.S. Thanks to Dogs - December 13, 2010
The center of attention at the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene this year will probably be a magnificent Lagotto Romagnolo named Tom.
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You can enjoy truffles without going to Europe
Chicago Tribune - December 28, 2010
If you've ever tasted white truffles in Italy or black truffles in France, the memories of those dishes linger. Click to view article -->>

'Tis the Season: 11 American Restaurants That Feature Fresh Truffles - Photos
Huffington Post. com - December 18, 2010
Nothing compares to the savory taste of a dish prepared with Italian white or French black truffles served at their peak of freshness. Click to view article -->>

The Treasured Tuber
Home and Away - Triple A
Oregon’s annual festival celebrates the elusive, mysterious and incredibly delicious truffle.
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Truffles, Wine and Gourment in Oregon
Article written by French journalist Olivier Thomas who attended the 2010 festival. Click here to view article -->>

Truffle Hunting in Tuscany's MaremmaTruffle Hunting in Tuscany's Maremma
Native Food and - December 2, 2010
Truffles possess one of nature’s unique aromas; a scent that, as Goethe said of Venice, “...can only be compared to itself.” With their pungent earthiness, their muskiness and the very oddness of their shapes, truffles have driven people to distraction for 3,600 years, with a bit of a respite in the Middle Ages when they fell from vogue when it was believed that anything found under the soil had been put there by the devil. Click here to read truffle article -->>

Foods That Have Gone to the Dogs
The annual Oregon Truffle Festival includes a two-daydog-training seminar, teaching participants totrain their dogs to sniff out the fungi in the wild. Click to view article -->>

Culinary call of the wild
Register Guard - November 29, 2010
Gourmet chefs will pay $250 a pound — and sometimes much more — for Oregon truffles sniffed out in the forest by specially trained dogs. Click here to read article -->

Oregon Meets Italy!
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More than a mere truffle
The Independent UK - November 15, 2010
A huge white truffle is presented to potential buyers during the annual truffle auction in Alba, northern Italy. The 900- gram truffle was sold for €105,000 to a Hong Kong buyer. Click here to read article -->

Fungi fanatics Mycology, music and fun draw a big crowd to Mount Pisgah
Register Guard - November 1, 2010
"Welcome to the mushroom festival," came the voice of shuttle driver Steve Esses, sputtering over the public address system from one end of the long yellow school bus to the other. "Which is proof of two things: One, the country hasn’t lost its ­morels; and two, even if they keep you in the dark and feed you manure, good things can happen." Click here to read article -->

Investing in Truffles on CNBC 10/14/10
You can eat them. You can grow them. And you can make money from them. CNBC's Nicole Lapin explains how enterprising truffle farmers are harvesting fields of dollars. Click here to view the video -->

2010 Media Coverage

A la conquête de l'Amérique!
Pierre Sourzat
L'Oregon Truffle Festival ou festival de la truffe de l'Oregon a accueilli la semaine passée deux ambassadeurs de la cuisine du Lot et de la truffe noire du Quercy.
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Maine food writer lured to France, now Eugene by truffles and Pinot
Medford Wine - January 24, 2010
Author Michael S. Sanders often writes about tradition and the long-held notion that when a community gathers to eat together, it shares more than local ingredients.
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Oregon Truffle Festival
Inside Food & - January 30, 2010
Digging up the dirt on where to find local truffles
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When it comes to taste, truffles aren’t trifles:
Oregon Daily Emerald - January 28, 2010
Truffle lovers spend a small fortune for these gourmet delicacies. The Oregon Truffle Festival starts Friday and features some of Oregon’s most esteemed chefs, well known mycologists and connoisseurs within the specialized industry.
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Let's Talk Food: Truffles no trifling matter where taste is concerned:
Naples - Janury 26, 2010
If my magic carpet were available I would hop right on it and head for Eugene, Ore. There I would be sure to meet all manner of foodies, gathering to pay homage to one of Mother Nature’s supreme gifts to the culinary arts.
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Unearthing the Mystique of Oregon Truffles
Northwest Travel Magazine
The Winter of 2008 was a cold one in the Willametter Valley, and once the ground began to thaw, flying squirrels could be observed scurrying through stands of Douglas fir like ants drawn to honey.
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Dogs help truffle hunters find the ripest, most valuable specimens
Oregon - January 29, 2010
Until last year, Gusto, a 6-year-old search-and-rescue black Labrador retriever, didn't know a sumptuous truffle from a poisonous puffball mushroom.
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Grand Truffle Dinner is grand collaboration
Register Guard - January 20, 2010
The festival recently announced the menu for its Jan. 30 Grand Truffle Dinner created by five of Oregon’s most well-known chefs. Collaborating for the semiformal dinner at the Valley River Inn will be Naomi Pomeroy of Beast, Pascal Sauton of Carafe, Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon, Philippe Boulot of Multnomah Athletic Club and Heathman Hotel & Bar, and host chef Rocky Maselli of Marché and Marché Provisions.
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Truffle Hunting
New York Times Dining Calendar - January 19, 2010
Might there be black truffles under the oaks in your backyard?
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French Fungus Among Us
Oregon Wine Press Magazine - December 31, 2009
Truffle fest focuses on Oregon’s fertile fields and France
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Rocky Maselli's Oregon Dungeness Crab Napoleon with Truffle Cream
Where and What in the World Blog - December 28, 2009
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Modern Dog Calendar
Winter 2009
Dream of training your dog to unearth truffles?
Get inspired to make desire reality!
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Precious Discovery Article
Article in current Centurion magazine

Truffles and Pinot and Rabbits, Oh My!

"To me," says Keith Luce, chef/owner of Seattle's renowned Herbfarm restaurant, "the story of Oregon black truffles is that each stage of ripeness has a great quality culinarily in its own right, and only the minority of restaurants who cook with it understand it. When 'underripe' they have a pear/green apple like perfume that lends them to some interesting preparations with raw seafoods or sweet applications.They graduate to a malt/cocoa like stage that is magical in sweet and savory situations then finally to a deep earthy almost loamy stage that lends itself to more traditional uses...."

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Oregon Truffle Festival
in Time Magazine!

Time Magazine - January 26, 2009

Dogs sniff out a
gourmand adventure - January 26, 2009

Editor's Blog
The Time for Truffles
is Now. Seriously

W Magazine - February 5, 2009

GlobeLife - Food and Wine
It's no time to
trifle with truffles

The Globe and Mail - April 9, 2009

Hidden Treasure
Mail Tribune - January 28, 2009


Vitaly Paley appeared on the Martha Stewart show December 4th talking about Oregon truffles. Click the link to watch the video and view a list of ingredients for his Savory Bread Pudding.

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“Why buy truffles that have traveled thousands of miles and from unknown sources when Oregon truffles are harvested within driving distance of our restaurant. Oregon truffles offer luxury at a reasonable cost so we can all enjoy them without guilt. When they are fresh, and in season, I use them with abandon in dishes like Dungeness crab melt, risotto, mashed potatoes and my personal favorite, scrambled eggs.”

--Vitaly Paley

Deseret News

Miller is using Oregon truffles instead of imported European truffles in his truffle fries and mashed potatoes, but he said it wasn't a cost-cutting move.

Deseret News
January 21, 2009
FUNGI Magazine
Oregon’s Emerging
Truffle Industry

FUNGI Magazine
The Wild Epicure
(Re) Discovering the Oregon Truffle

Northwest Palate
Oregon Truffle
February 1, 2009
Northwest Palate
In Pursuit of
NW Truffles
February 1, 2009
Northwest Palate
February 1, 2009


Business Journal
December 14, 2008

Truffle farms
gain ground in
Washington state

Boston Sunday Globe
February 04, 2009

The tantalizing
top-tier truffle

W Magazine
January 2008

A mushroom-mad scientist is on a quest to turn Oregon’s Willamette Valley into truffle-town U.S.A. Read More

Smithsonian Magazine November 2007  
November 12, 2007
The New Yorker
August 20, 2007

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